In a world that is filled with opinions that seem to outweigh the truth it has become increasingly difficult to decern between real and fake news. One side claims the earth is flat and the other claims it's round. This dilemma raises many questions and even greater implications. Is the government lying to you? And if they were how would you know?    

So today, we will be exploring some of the lesser-known conspiracy theories which the general population have turned a blind eye to. Strap on your truth goggles and take everything you see with a grain of salt because the world truly is stranger than you know. 

1. Avril Lavigne Is Dead

The beloved pop star and skater girl died some ten years ago and was replaced with a lookalike to keep her record sales and image going. This short YouTube documentary explores the case further. 

Need more proof? Well, here is a comparison of interviews featuring both Avril and Melissa, her replacement. 

2. Nuclear Weapons Don't Exist 

Our older readers should be quite familiar with the scare of total nuclear war, as they lived through the tensions of the cold war and America's standoff with the Soviet Union. But what if we told you that it was all just a lie. A huge coverup to control not only Americans and Russians but the entire world for decades to come. If true this theory might have the biggest implications out of any theory on this list. 

3. Dab = Nazi Salute? 

You should by now be fairly familiar with the 'DAB', a popular dance move and pop culture sensation, featured in songs and art over the past few years. But you might not know what it actually means. Have you ever dabbed before, and thought, "well, that was fun" you wouldn't be the only person convinced by a popular trend, leading you to both making a fool of yourself, but also showing your allegiance to Nazi godfather Adolf Hitler. We don't blame you for being a fool, we only ask that you do your research. 

4. Napa Fires

Napa County in Northern California went up in flames a few months ago destroying numerous communities and causing an estimated 3 billion dollars in damage. Now, California is known for its wildfires so these fires aren't out of the ordinary, but the cause of the fires may come as a surprise to you. The short answer, which is summed up better in the video below, is lasers. The government used heat lasers that were directed at specific building and areas in Napa Valley leaving behind a mix of burnt and unburnt buildings. 

5. KFC Is The Illuminati

This is probably the most damaging and far-reaching conspiracy on this list. We cannot pretend anymore that the Illuminati does not exist. The signs have been right in front of our eyes for too long and we need to keep those in power accountable. Have you ever wondered where they get all those chickens? Or how crispy the skins is? Or how they never run out of mashed potatoes?  Time to wake up people!