Music is what brings people together. It's also what tears people apart. Need proof? We've gone to the most divisive corner of the internet to find out what styles of music people just can't stand...AskReddit. We've compiled five music genres that the general population absolutely loathes.

Music for the Sake of TikTok

Obviously in this day and age, TikTok is becoming a new platform for artists to get their music heard. Redditor Rolzz69 makes a great point about musicians only writing songs for the TikTok algorithm. "Almost all of them have like a 15-20s hook with the rest being trashy filler. I've tried listening to it as my friends give me recommendations and yes, they have a good hook or an intro or something else. But the rest is so evidently a lazy, rushed and haphazardly put together path that just loops back to the hook."

Christmas Song Lyrics Replaced by Animals

User ihateradiohead clearly doesn't appreciate a very famous rock band, but that's not their only qualm. "Novelty Christmas songs where they replace the lyrics with animal noises. 'Meow-meow-meow/bark-bark-bark/meow-meow bark-bark WOOF.' My fourth grade teacher used to play stuff like this and Alvin and The Chipmunks during the month of December. I got bullied a lot back then so the bad memories of that time period got associated with that type of music and whenever it comes on my fight or flight kicks in."

Schlager Music

A massive shoutout to VikingInBavaria for introducing this new genre which I've never heard of before. "Schlager. I got no equivalent in English for it but imagine if someone who did low effort, shallow, cheesy feel good jingles for advertisement decided to do at least three minutes of it to entertain a beer hall full of retirees." It's honestly pretty catchy.


Tell us how you really feel, jgfelix. "Reggaeton. It's not just the fact that it's a repetitive genre with shitty lyrics, but if you're from Latin America like me, you hear it everywhere: parties, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, on the f*cking bus. Bless the headphones."

Bro Country

You knew we were gonna go there. "Bro country. 9 times out of 10 when people say they hate the genre they don't actually hate country music, they hate shitty repetitive lyrics over a shitty drum loop with added snaps on the two and the four. It almost single handedly destroyed the whole scene, now though thanks to the rise of people like Zach Bryan I think it's finally starting to correct itself."

"Edit: Anyone interested in what decent country sounds like today I highly recommend Chris Stapleton, Sturgil Simpson, and Tyler Childers. For more of a mainstream, cleaner Nashville Sound that doesn't make you wanna eat the barrel of a 12 gauge I recommend Luke Combs and Eric Church, both have consistently put out great stuff." -Sides_Loves_You.

If this list made you feel left out, never fear. We'll be back to roast something you enjoy in the near future.