The World Cup, soccer's biggest tournament has fans buzzing. But for being dubbed the 'World's Most Popular Sport' there are folks out there who absolutely despise the game. Americans make up a large number of that demographic and for good reason, but with the help of Twitter, we've got some edits that might make the game more enjoyable.

1) Field Size

Soccer "pitches" are typically 115 yards long by 75 yards wide. That's absurd. Make the fields smaller for more competitive play. Less space, and more scoring. 

2) Fewer Players

Who are all these people? Why do they all need to be here? Simple solution, fewer players. There are 11 on each side currently. Let's drop that number to say...6 per side. A goalie, two defenders, and 3 forwards.

3) Non-stop Action and Substitutes

Players should be able to change in and out on a whim. Gone would be the days of this stoppage of play nonsense.

4) Make the Goal Smaller

Soccer goal dimensions are ludicrous. 24 feet wide, 8 feet tall, and 5 feet deep. If you can't put a ball in that box, maybe you should find a different sport. Let's shrink the goal to something like an NHL size net.

5) Lastly and Most Importantly, Add Ice

Soccer needs ice. If and only if all of these changes are implemented, it will truly be the most popular sport in the world. And who knows, maybe add some legal fights? Some pizazz. Just spitballing here.