Mike Bloomberg will forever be known as the billionaire who spent 500 million dollars of his own money on a failed presidential campaign. What does he have to show for it? A lowly 44 delegates at the price of 11 million dollars a delegate. Now if that isn't a waste of money I don't know what is. 

So we've come up with a short list of things that you could spend 500 million dollars on, without looking like a total idiot afterwards. So here they are, five things that we'd spend 500 million dollars on if we had it. 

1. The Flint Water Crisis

Experts estimate that the total cost of fixing the water crisis of Flint Michigan would cost somewhere between 300 million and 450 million dollars. That a total overhaul of the entire cities pipping system that still leaves you with 50 million dollars left over. 

2. Fund ISIS

Now we don't think this has the same social positive that fixing Flint's water does, but you could, in theory fund ISIS or an Al-Queda affiliate for quite some time with 500 million dollars. Heck, you could help overthrow a few governments and stoke endless war in any region with that kind of money. 

3. 24 Dave Chapelle Specials

For 500 million dollars you could buy a total of 24 Dave Chapelle comedy specials. A few years ago, Netflix paid Chapelle 60 million for three - one hour specials - so doing the math that's eight payments of 60 million dollars, netting you 24 hours of news Dave Chapelle material. 

4. Tuna Sandwiches for Pakistan

The average can of Tuna costs somewhere between one and five dollars, so if we say each can of tuna is 2 dollars, that buys us 250 million cans of tuna. Now factoring in bread costs and mayo costs, plus that of onions and pepper, we could realistically buy enough tuna sandwiches to feed a small country. We might not have enough to feed every American a tuna sandwich but we surely have enough to feed every Russian one. 

5. Breast Implants for South Bend

The average cost of breast implants in the United States is roughly 3,842 dollars. And with a budget of 500 million dollars we could afford implants for around 130 thousand people, which is slightly more than the total population of South Bend, Indiana 105,262. So not only could we buy nice new boobs for all South Bend citizens but we'd still have enough money left over to buy some of them butt implants as well.