Just some PEMDAS this time, actually.

Twitter user "pjmdoll" posted this seemingly innocent math equation posed by a Naruto character and asked "oomfies solve this." If you're not in the know, "oomfies" stands for "one of my many followers." Surely it's the kids who are wrong.

The poorly-constructed equation was meant to confuse people, and the arguments started almost immediately.

Even PornHub chimed in.

To make matters worse, two calculators got two different answers.

Although both answers can logically be argued...

...The New York Times asserts the correct answer is "16."

Which way is correct? The standard convention holds that multiplication and division have equal priority. To break the tie, we work from left to right. So the division goes first, followed by the multiplication. Thus, the right answer is 16.

How do you weigh in on this math malarkey? Do you please excuse my dear Aunt Sally? We here at eBaum's know the real correct answer: 420 69

Blaze it.