twin baby feet

We all knew it was coming, we just didn't think it would happen so soon.

Last week in the Indian city of Raipur, a few days into the country-wide shutdown, a woman gave birth to twins and named them Corona and Covid. The boy, Covid, and girl, Corona, are doing fine, as are their parents, Preeti and Vinay Verma.

preei and vinay verma news clipping for birth of their twins, corona and covid

According to a local newspaper, the mother said they decided to name their children after the virus because they "wished to ease people's anxiety and fear associated with these words."

They also wanted to "make the occasion memorable. So, I and my husband took an instant decision to name our boy and girl as Covid and Corona."

No way those kids will ever be bullied because of their names. Nope.

The parents later added that they may change their children's names later on, but for now they're sticking with these truly unforgettable names.

Even a week ago, jokes and parody news stories about people naming their babies after the novel coronavirus seemed far-fetched. But as with so much news around this pandemic, what seems impossible one day becomes inevitable the next.

Best of luck to the kids. And if their parents are in need of a bedtime story to read them, they can definitely reach for this one.