QAnon memes - keep calm And QAnon

It's been a rough week for the QAnon community. After the El Paso shooter was linked to posts on the site 8Chan, the haven for many things Internet conspiracy was removed from the Cloudflare services resulting in the site being taken offline. 

QAnon, like many online communities, used the board to share and post government secrets and plans of attack for when Q calls for all out war. But sadly, since 8Chan was shut down, Q no longer has a platform for him or her or they to post their messages. 


Q often said there would be many copycat posters and that the true Q would only address their followers on 8Chan, but since the site was taken down, where and when can we expect the next Q message? Sadly we may never know. In the meantime, lets enjoy or laugh at some of the best and worst QAnon posts.