On today’s installment of the Twitter ratio ratio-ing, former MMA fighter Jake Shields learned a very valuable lesson when it comes to posting about other people’s bodies — shutting the fuck up is never a bad idea.

Earlier this week, Shields took a break from his busy schedule of getting repeatedly kicked in the head and evidently scouring the internet for a scalloped bikini to rock this swimsuit season to share a highly incorrect take no one asked for, terribly attempting to dunk on a swimsuit model’s body. “This bitch needs a gym membership, not a bikini,” he tweeted alongside a screenshot of a product listing on the retailer’s website. 

Shortly after hitting the site, Shields’ post emerged as the platform’s laughing stock of the day, launching a whole lot of written TKOs for his post, one that could only be said by “an unfuckable douche canoe,” per @christineestima’s meme reply. 

Meanwhile, others opted to give Shields a taste of his own medicine, sending the body shaming right back at him: 

Along those lines, @goldenrkivelabs decided to aim not below the belt, but right in the kisser for the ultimate knockout punch: “Speaking on women’s bodies while having a face like this is kinda crazy.”