Last week, redditor u/Zhinii1, aka Vance, headed to the Tinder subreddit to share his latest summer dating bummer — being rejected by a prospective partner after suggesting the pair beat the heat and grab some ice cream.

“Hope you’ve had a good day, I’m excited for tomorrow,” he kicked off the message to their Tinder match. “I can pick you up, but if you’re not comfortable with that, we can just meet there. Idk why, but l’m feeling like getting some ice cream in this hot weather.”

Unfortunately for Vance, his date’s answer was icy enough to cool down any heat wave, or romantic sparks. “Sorry if this may come off as rude, but I don’t do ice cream dates,” his match fired back, elaborating that she is “a 26 yo woman and a date like that seems like the absolute bare minimum for me.”

“Meeting up would be a waste of both of our times since we probably don’t have the same vibe,” she continued before sending him her “best wishes” and proceeding to hit the “block” button.

“I guess ice cream dates are considered a terrible idea nowadays,” Vance captioned his Reddit post, which has garnered 35,500 upvotes in its first week on the site.

Naturally, Reddit, as it tends to with extreme overreactions, had an absolute field day with her anti-ice-cream-date response.

“WOW. I’d be so happy with a date idea that wasn’t the same old thing,” wrote u/Vtastical. “She’s missing out. You’ll find someone to appreciate your ice cream date.”

“Bullet dodged. Money saved. Nothing lost here!” added @EdgedOutPig.

Meanwhile, others tried to take him up on his offer. “I would get ice cream w you (I am a dude tho but we can talk about dude stuff),” offered Splackincheeks413, as several other redditors begged to be their third wheel.

The post quickly traveled to Twitter, where users were a bit more divided — and passionate — about the concept of an ice cream date.

Despite garnering a handful of naysayers seemingly of the same mindset as his original match — “Ice cream as a 1st date isn’t the move because there’s nothing sexy about it,” argued @_MedGold, denouncing it as “Disney shit” with “no chance of sexual escalation” — the vast majority of the platform very much begged to differ.

“It sounds like most of y’all aren’t charming enough to turn an ice cream date into a ‘let’s walk around and get dinner date,’ and frankly, that’s a skill issue,” observed @theashleyray.

“Ice cream first date is cute and fine,” stated @punishedmother alongside the meme Norman Rockwell’s Freedom of Speech.

For her part, friend of eBaum’s World Magdalene Taylor, (banana?) split it down the middle. “The lack of possibility for sexual escalation combined with the sensuality of ice cream gives it potential to be one of the most erotically-charged dates of all,” she maintained.

Nothing cold about that.