Amber Heard once left a pile of poop on Johnny Depp's side of the bed

I guess we can start calling her Amber Turd now.  Reports are out that Depp finally decided to cut ties with his wife Amber Heard, not after her physical abuse, or her throwing bottle of vodka at him, but after she took a dump on his side of the bed. 

Yes, really Amber Heard, left a poop on her husband's side of the bed, and later claimed it was a harmless prank. We are not kidding, seriously, she shit on his side of the damn bed! 

Quote about Amber Heard leaving a poop in Johnny Depp's bed

Welcome home baby, I left you present in the bedroom, it's a pile of my shit! 

Amber Heard in a white dress standing in front of a red background - she also pooped in Johnny Depp's bed

All jokes aside, it's great that Depp is finally having his side of the story heard. Let this be a lesson in jumping to conclusions and assuming that your wife shit on your side of the bed.