A Rhode Island man named Nicholas Alahverdian – aka Nicholas Rossi – who fled to Scotland to avoid rape charges in the United States was recently interviewed by Dateline NBC, where he denies all the claims being leveled against him. 

Alahverdian, who now goes by the name Arthur Knight, is currently being held in detention in Scotland where he awaits extradition back to the United States. 

He is being accused of raping a 21-year-old woman in Utah in 2008. In 2017, he faked his death and later fled to Scotland. 


During his interview with Andrea Canning of Dateline, Alahverdian denies the claims that he is actually an American fugitive on the run from authorities, further ensuring his interviewer that he is without a doubt a British man named Arthur Knight. 

Alahverdian claims he is unwell and that this negative media campaign against him is further damaging his health. At one point in the interview, he says he can hardly even walk, trying his best to stand up before flailing his arms and falling back into his chair. 

Sitting there with an oxygen mask loosely around his face and sporting a dollar store British accent, Alahverdian gives us what might be the best bit of television we've seen in years. 

We know Emmys aren't awarded to interviewees, but we think Alahverdian's performance should be an exception to the rule as he really did put his heart and soul into his performance.