Andrew Yang is the Official NoFap Candidate

Andrew Yang is the only candidate in the 2020 race who has said he would issue $1,000 a month universal basic income for all Americans, helping bolster his campaign and even carry him to sixth in the polls. 

Well, he's also the only candidate to gain the support of the NoFap community. NoFap refers to a community of men and women who abstain from masturbation. The NoFap community grew to popularity through memes such as No Nut November, a joke on the No Shave November mens health awareness cause, and has since taken on a life of it's own. 

There are many famous NoFappers and most recently Andrew Yang is being considered among them. Yang in a post of Twitter addressed his stance on the prevalence of internet porn and how he thinks it's bad that children have such easy access to it. 

And well, this got the NoFap community all riled up and ready to go (figuratively of course).  The official blue check mark and verified NoFap Twitter account took the moment as a celebratory moment as they saw their once small community reach a climax in front of the country. 

And even though Yang didn't mentioned NoFap by name, people took it upon themselves to read between the lines and stroke their own self interests. Although, not everybody is onboard with Yang's anti porn stance and took to his mentions to voice their displeasure with Yang being so anti porn. 

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