YouTuber Brooke Houts accused of abusing her pet dog

Brooke Houts, a YouTuber with over 339k followers is in hot water after a video appears to show her hitting and spitting on her dog. 

Brooke uploaded a video on August 4th titled, "plastic wrap prank on my Doberman" where she tries to prank her dog to no avail. The minute-long video shows her trying to trick her pup but doesn't show the abuse. 

Instead, Drama Alert host Keemstar, took to Twitter to release the shocking video. 

Keemstar has made it his mission as of late to call out the double standards men and women face in the online clouto-sphere, noting that a number of men on Twitch have received the ban hammer for much lesser offenses than spitting vodka down a cat's throat. 

Brooke took to Twitter to clear the air as they say, but she may have only made things worse for herself. Read the full statement below. 

And as you'd expect, people had lots to say about it.