Of the seven continents, Antarctica is by far the most ignored, and the least explored. It makes sense; as the coldest place on Earth, our southernmost point is hardly hospitable for humans. But with mystery comes intrigue, and a growing number of skeptics and conspiracy theorists believe that there’s something fishy down there, and I don’t mean penguin food.

Up until recently, anyone who wanted to work in Antarctica needed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Now, according to a tweet shared by @tractor_owner, prospective workers must pass a panel interview with station higher-ups.

“Love to have a panel interview with the station higher-ups to weed out the "bad apples" trying to get a dishwashing job or whatever,” he said.

Of course, these evaluations are supposedly designed to see if someone is capable of mentally handling the tough conditions and isolation of a winter wasteland, but might there be something more? Some people think so.

According to flat earthers, “Antarctica is not a vast expanse of ice at the bottom of the Earth, but rather a gigantic wall of ice surrounding all the continents.”

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Of course, Antarctica is neither, it is the landmass at the South Pole, but there are other theories. In a Joe Rogan interview, Graham Hancock hypothesizes a lost civilization mapped Antarctica before vanishing, leading to its presence on some early maps. Whether that civilization is human in nature, if it’s really gone, or if it even ever existed, is up to you.

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