The World Cup is over and just as EA Sports predicted, Argentina was the team holding the trophy when it was all said and done. After 45 days of soccer, us Americans can stop pretending to care about 'football' and can quit telling people we might actually, 'start watching the Premier League'. 

If you missed yesterday's finale, we won't waste your time with a recap, but we do have two photos you should see. First, the photo the whole event was put on for, Lionel Messi, one of the best to ever do it - that's what they say -  holding his trophy. And second, the most expensive dick joke ever created. 

Here is the photo Qatar wants us to remember when we think back on the 2022 World Cup. Lionel Messi lifting his trophy, dressed in an 'Arab Besht' gifted to him by the King of Qatar. 

However, this picture of Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez using his 'golden glove' trophy as an extension of his penis is what we'll think about when we tell our kids and grandkids about the Qatar World Cup of 2022. 

On the world's biggest stage in sports, Martínez who was deserving of the award had a thought and he didn't second guess it. In front of Qatari royalty, in front of the entire sports world, he did what any boy would, he pretended that something that wasn't his dick, was. 

And by no means was it the first time he's done this. John Green made a TikTok where he shared a few of the most notable times Martínez has used a trophy as a fill-in for his penis. Green in his TikTok addressed the new soccer fans in the room promising that, "if you're new to soccer, just know all games are that great," referencing the final between France and Argentina. 

@literallyjohngreen #greenscreen iconography at work. #worldcup #dibu #argentina #messi ♬ original sound - John Green

Alternative angle for those who need to see it again.