Ahh, Artificial intelligence. Famed for trying to steal one New York Times reporter away from his wife, attempting to put scriptwriters out of a job, and reveling in every single moment of our slow, painful inevitable deaths – if Senator Ted Kennedy’s hypothetical is any indication of what may be to come.

On Tuesday, May 16, Senator John Kennedy partook in a hearing for the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology & the Laws, where he grilled OpenAI CEO Sam Altman about the risks of A.I. – and the intricacies of a hypothetical robot overtaking.

“There is likely a berserk wing of the artificial intelligence community that intentionally, or unintentionally, could use artificial intelligence to kill all of us and hurt us the entire time that we are dying,” he said in his now-viral example of just how bad shit could get.

And it seems his worries were not unfounded. During his hearing, Altman suggested that there should be an agency tasked with monitoring A.I. programs "above a certain scale of capabilities."

That’s not concerning at all.

The A.I. apocalypse – because we didn’t have enough to worry about already!