Days after 10-year-old football prodigy Baby Gronk convinced half of Twitter they were having a stroke for making headlines following his anointment as the new “Drip King” after getting “rizzed up” by Livvy – a.k.a Louisiana State University gymnast Olivia Dunne – the athlete’s mother, Elizabeth, has followed in her son’s footsteps, emerging as Twitter’s main character du jour.

As the young athlete, whose real name is Madden San Miguel, became social media’s obsession this week, his Mother’s Day Instagram post from last month began catching new eyes on social media.

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM ❤️,” San Miguel captioned the snap depicting him and his mother posing in front of a car.

Though the original post only garnered roughly 9,100 likes, the image made the rounds on Twitter this week, where several new Baby Gronk fans began speculating on what his mother’s appearance could tell us about the social media star.

“Seeing Baby Gronk's mum I'm like more and more certain he's Paul Atredis,” Twitter user @body_w0_whorgan captioned their viral repost of the image. “This woman is our version of a bene gesserit”

 @body_w0_whorgan wasn’t the only one fascinated by Baby Gronk’s mom.

“After seeing baby gronk mom and dad… yeah it cleared some stuff up,” mused @ayroned.

“Do you think Baby Gronk’s mom can lead LSU to another national championship?” joked @benman565.

Considering Baby Gronk’s socials are run by his parents, we can only hope we’ll get answers to these incredibly pressing questions before @h00pify has to make another explainer.

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