The luxury fashion house, Balenciaga has deleted its entire Twitter account, as well as all of the content from its Instagram page in response to the backlash the brand has faced after its Spring 2023 campaign featured children interacting with BDSM paraphernalia.

At best, the photos used for the Balenciaga campaign were incredibly uncomfortable and confusing. At worst, they took advantage of young children who don't even understand what BDSM means, in order to make a massive profit.

Since deleting their Twitter account and Instagram content, they have only posted two stories. One is seemingly an apology, while the second is clearly an attempt to put the blame on the set designers/props masters who allowed the BDSM items in the same room as the children.

Damage control has got to be the company's top priority at this point. First Kanye, now this. However, I would warn readers to take their apology with a grain of salt as their FB and YouTube channels are still very much intact and running full speed ahead.