Belle Delphine's mugshot and a tweet claiming she was arrested because someone stole her hampster.

Yesterday, E-girl and Instagram celebrity Belle Delphine made her return to social media by posting a picture of an alleged mugshot saying, "I got arrested lol." The post blew up and people began questioning the validity of the post and what she would have been arrested for.

She later claimed that the reason for the arrest was due to her spray painting "Bitch! Give me my hampster back!" on the car of someone who she says stole her hampster from a house party. She posted a series of photographs along with screenshots of a conversation between her and the person she thinks stole her hampster.

Twitter user @JoshPescatore decided he would go straight to the police to see if he could figure out if Belle's mugshot was real or not. He posted screenshots of the conversation between him and Met Police in which he asked them if the watermark on her mugshot was authentic or not.

Twitter screenshot asking about belle delphine's mugshot.

Belle Delphine's mugshot met contact center tweet.

Met Contact Center text conversation on Twitter.

Seems like this was all just a publicity stunt from Belle once again, just like when she tricked everyone with her Pornhub account.