Matt and Shelli, Thurston's owners, recently shared the news on Twitter that on September 7, 2022, their cat known as Thurston Waffles had passed away. 

Like so many other cats on the internet, Thurston was loved for just being himself. Fans of the cat couldn't get enough of his iconic shouting. In many of the videos posted to his social media account, Thurston usually responds to his owners with a loud cry.

After warming the hearts of many on the internet, Thurston quickly became the backdrop of many memes and jokes. One, in particular, was replacing the MGM lion with a shouting Thurston.

Most were surprised to find out that Thurston was diagnosed with nasal cancer and his passing came two days after the diagnosis. Thurston's owners have assured everyone that he passed peacefully right next to his favorite lamp at the ripe age of 12. 

In one last post on Thurston's social media, the owners thanked the followers of his account for sharing in his rich and happy life. "Your bond with him was real. Your bond with us is real. It’s always been palpable through the kind words you gave us and the jokes we made with our favorite little guy." 

Thurston goes to the great catbox in the sky, he will be missed.