Harambe overlooking Bengals stadium | Joe Burrow with finger in air | overlay of Sam Hubbard's comment 'we're doing this for him' harambe

After previously winning several new fans by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs and denying Patrick Mahomes' brother a chance to make more cringy Super Bowl TikToks, the Cincinnati Bengals have found yet another way to endear themselves to online audiences - by dedicating their Super Bowl appearance to beloved Cincinnati resident and meme martyr, Harambe the gorilla

dicks out for harambe pin#NeverForget

The comment came early on during linebacker Sam Hubbard's appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, footage of which can be seen below: 

When asked about dedicating the game to Harambe, who was a resident of the Cincinnati Zoo before being killed in 2016 in an incident involving a small child entering his enclosure, Hubbard played along with the hosts and said that Harambe was a hero to all of them so yes, they would play this one in his honor.

While it's pretty obviously a joke, it's also the kind of narrative the internet (and idiots like myself) love to run with:

There are already custom NFL Harambe jerseys out there:

And lots of memes, because it's Harambe, after all:

However, some folks also pointed out that since Harambe was killed by zoo officials (who represent the city of Cincinnati), it doesn't make any sense and true vengeance for Harambe would be for the LA Rams to win.

All we know is, come February 13th, our d--ks will definitely be out.