Plane crash china boeing 737

A plane carrying 132 passengers has crashed near the city of Wuzhou in southern China. The plane, which had been flying at 30,000 feet moments before plunging into an irreversible nose dive, was captured on camera striking a forested hillside, resulting in a massive explosion that scattered debris and set wide swaths of forest ablaze. There have been no reports of any survivors. 

The People's Daily, a state-run media outlet in the region, reported that the crash had occurred around 2:30 PM, with a local rescue official declaring that the plane had "disintegrated" upon impact and that there were "no signs of life" among the debris. 

Flight 5735 was making a routine flight between Kunming, where it had taken off a little over an hour before, and Guangzhou when radio personnel lost contact with the plane -- roughly fifteen minutes before its cataclysmic nosedive. 

The incident, shaping up to China's worst air travel crisis in decades, has already received a comment from Chinese President Xi Jinping calling for a full investigation into the mysterious circumstances of the accident.