The only thing that can stop a rando with a phone? A boomer with a glock.

One tipsy elderly man at Dallas Texas’ Everleigh Forestwood senior apartment complex was most definitely not having it with a filming passerby, threatening him after noticing a phone pointed in his general direction.

“You’re a f–king idiot!” he yelled as he walked down the hallway, cane in hand, in the now-deleted TikTok. “Why are you an idiot!? Are you taking my picture?

But even as the camera person remained silent in the face of these (hopefully) rhetorical questions, the geezer only grew angrier.

While the majority of his curmudgeonly counterparts would stop with a firm, fist shake punctuated “get off my lawn!” this boomer decided to go where only NRA girlies had before, picking up his cane, fishing in his pocket, and whipping out what appears to be a glock.

While it’s unclear what exactly happened next  — “management and police say they can’t arrest him!” @nonib39 wrote in his original upload — there’s one thing we’re sure of: The spirit of “Don’t Mess With Texas” most certainly lives on.