A bus driver in Karnataka, India was recently caught on video letting a monkey drive the bus. According to passengers the monkey boarded the bus with everyone else and took a seat next to the driver. After a while, he decided to climb up on the steering wheel and the driver allowed it.

The driver, who goes by Mr. Prakash, and the 30 other people on the bus were not phased by the monkey taking the wheel. However, Mr. Prakash's employer had much concern for the safety of the people on the bus.

After the video gained traction on social media the company, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, made a statement saying, "The safety of passengers cannot be put at risk by allowing a monkey on the steering wheel."

They said they would be looking into the incident further after a number of calls from people who have seen the video. Witnesses said the monkey eventually got off the bus and the driver carried on with his route. 

While it is concerning to have an animal driving a bus filled with people, Mr. Prakash is still steering the wheel while having a laugh.