It’s a big month for electric vehicles running into buildings. A few weeks ago, Ferris Bueller star Alan Ruck captured headlines after his electric truck crashed into a pizza parlor (life moves pretty fast, huh?). Now, another electric vehicle has continued the fight against private property — and the results are pretty dramatic.

According to the police, a 70-year-old California woman was driving with her 40-year-old daughter when she somehow lost control of the vehicle, a Tesla Model X. Unable to handle the 6,200-pound beast, the driver turned off of the road — at which point the car “flew 40 to 50 feet through the air,” managing to clear a pool in the process.

Of course, this didn’t slow the car down. What did end up putting an end to the car’s GTA streak was a house, with it finally coming to rest in the middle of some random woman’s kitchen.

“My sister actually got an alert from the security alarm system to let her know that someone had broken into the house,” one of the residents, Meredith Donato, told FOX 2. Not technically wrong, I guess.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident. Both the driver and the passenger emerged from the crash unscathed, and the resident wasn’t in the house at the time. Also, the Tesla didn’t just spontaneously combust as they sometimes do — all in all, it really couldn’t have gone better.

SFGate insists that the car wasn’t in self-driving mode when the crash occurred, but no one is quite sure how it happened otherwise. The classic battle between man and machine — and Teslas and accidents — rages on.