Do you think you have what it takes to survive being a trophy wife? If so, people on TikTok are playing ‘choose your own adventure' games where you do just that. The plots are juicy and you need to choose wisely if you want to make it to the end.

TikTokers @mediteraneanbaby and @dancemoms2258 have found success with their “Can You Survive as a Trophy Wife?” series, which has garnered 17 million views and is currently on part six of the series.  In the 15-picture slideshow, you go about your day as a trophy wife while making choices that end in either divorce or happily ever after.

For example, in part one, you have a choice between five outfits of varying levels of “basicness” and whichever you choose will determine whether your British/Spanish/German billionaire husband will divorce you. Survival is key so your choices mean everything and apparently your husband is very fickle about every little thing you do.

“He disliked the Birkin? I'll divorce first then bc that man has no taste, literally, all the outfits except for the 2 in the middle are too flashy” comments one user who did not survive to the end.

“Seriously? He divorces me for EATING?” comments another.

The format is reminiscent of last year’s dabloons game, which became a sort of TikTok currency, as users were asked to collect dabloons every time they came across the ‘dabloons cat’ on their FYP (For You Page).

Like the dabloon game, you are keeping track of the story and partaking in it.

More choose-your-own adventures have popped up on TikTok but we’re very curious to see how this one ends. Is our husband going to betray us? Will we be poisoned again? Should we try to be a real trophy wife cause we’re kinda killing this game?