2019 has seen a lot of live-action remakes, from the new Lion King to the supposedly controversial decision to cast the absolutely gorgeous and talented Halle Bailey (who happens to be black) as Ariel in the upcoming Little Mermaid reboot. 

I'd venture to say that none of those even come close, however, to the absolute s***show that is the trailer for the upcoming, live-action screen adaptation of Cats. Have a look for yourself below:

I mean... WTF. I didn't think it was possible to get worse than that janky-ass Sonic: The Hedgehog trailer, but wow. Congratulations, Cats team, you've officially set a new low for humanity.

Needless to say, the internet was shocked, amused, and creeped the f*** out all at the same time. There were some very understandable concerns about some of the "assets" the animators decided to endow their creations with:

There were also plenty of comparisons to other cat-humans that appeared on screen:

Some people decided to get creative and add a more fitting soundtrack to the film:

One remix was even given the official stamp of approval from the reigning king of horror himself, Jordan Peele. 


In general, people definitely had a LOT of feelings about it, and they weren't afraid to share:

I couldn't agree with you more, Dave.