CNN anchor Chris Cuomo blows up at some troll who called him Fredo

Chris "Fredo" Cuomo will throw you down the stairs and wreck your shit if you ever call him "fredo". The CNN anchor blew up at some schlub who called him fredo while out to dinner with his family. 

The clip since went viral and Chris Cuomo has found himself looking like a soggy noodle for being such an agro-bro towards some over-achieving trolls. 

So in the spirt of pissing off douchey, silver spoon news anchors, here are some of the best Chris Fredo Cuomo memes going around the web. 

Chris Cuomo Fredo memes - gay straight human fredo

Donald Trump Jr tweets making fun of Chris Cuomo for being the dumb brother

Chris Fredo Cuomo memes - photoshop of Chris Cuomo as Fredo from the Godfather

Chris Cuomo Fredo memes - lighten up fredo

Chris Cuomo Fredo memes - photoshop of Chris Cuomo in the Godfather

Chris Cuomo Fredo memes - Don Lemon does this offend you?

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Chris Cuomo Fredo memes - your going to have to learn to code, Fredo

Chris Cuomo Fredo memes - Fredo Prime time