climate protests - cooking oil

Climate activists across Europe have pulled plenty of stunts over the past year, from throwing soup on a Van Gogh painting, to gluing themselves to various objects and roadways. In this embarrassing incident, British activists glued themselves to an oil tanker in Essex. The only problem? The tanker was carrying cooking oil, not crude oil. 

Big oil has been a primary target of protests like this one from the beginning, and the activism group Just Stop Oil is behind many of the aforementioned demonstrations. 

These protestors are part of a Just Stop Oil offshoot called Extinction Rebellion, which released a statement following the incident. "We are in civil resistance. This morning we occupied a tanker on the roads near Purfleet terminal to stop the flow of oil." Unfortunately, all they stopped in this case was the slicking of local frying pans. 

The European climate protests have been met with significant resistance, even from those in support of the larger cause, as many members of the public are against the disruptive acts of civil disobedience. In this case, at least the group made an effort to delay the oil itself, instead of the general public. Next time, they just need better reserch.