Marie Kondo the Queen of clutter has opened an online store full of crap

It was only a few months ago when Marie Kondo asked us if the things our lives 'sparked joy'. Her philosophy is that we have too many things and can be happier by throwing out the old things we just don't need anymore or love. 

Her methods were met with memes and ridicule from people of all walks of life, as she went after books, toys, kitchen supplies, basically everything we own was up for question. 

Well now, some many months later, Marie Kondo has launched her very own E-Commerce (the fancy word for store) site where she is selling real life crap for a huge mark up. 

Does this spark joy Marie? A $75 dollar tuning fork and rose quartz crystal might spark joy for some people, but even for someone likely to buy it, it will hardly ever get used. 

I mean who are we to judge though, heck maybe you do need whatever the hell a trivet is. What's a trivet anyway? 

If you don't know, that's fine, it comes in brass too. 

The more we look into the extremely overpriced store Marie Kondo has unleaseh on the world, the angrier we get. Just look at this gem, a 'Tea Container' for the low price of 200 god-damn-dollars. A MF TEA CONTAINER, or as we hoarders call cups.

Its a cup. That's what it is, a cup, a 200 dollar cup. 

This is a joke right? Someone is playing a joke on us, they have to be. This could be true could it? I guess I'm naive. I should be surprised by things like this anymore. Of course her whole plan was to just sell us shit. Like that's how it all started, so when she finally opened her store, we should be surprised. And with that he only have one thing to say, does it spark joy? For 200 dollars? This Tea Container better convince my wife not to divorce me.