One construction worker recently decided to commit pretty much every OSHA violation known to man, wreaking havoc on his work site from behind the wheel of a bulldozer.

It remains unclear what sparked this hellish joyride, yet it appears the incident preceding this now viral moment was most definitely that serious, the employee knocking down a chain-link fence before hunting down his fellow workers.

While fortunately, most of the workers were able to skedaddle out of the rogue employee’s path — bulldozers can thankfully only reach a top speed of nine miles per hour —  their yells could still be heard echoing to the windows of the high-rise building nearby.

But even as several mysteries may remain surrounding the case of the wiley bulldozer, one thing is certain — to paraphrase Redditor u/Stuft-shirt we only hope this disgruntled worker was “maniacally humming the “Bob the Builder” theme song.”