Temple University's Joshua Safran and Ebaum World's own Jackson Weimer have collaborated to create and live-stream a March Madness tournament broadcast of their own. With the help of friends Louis Weimer and Ryan Gunsiorowski, this group of high school friends is proud to bring to you live sports to entertain you while you're stuck at home quarantined. Using March Madness 2010 for the Xbox 360 combined with accurate 2020 NCAA rosters, fans can get the big dance streamed live through Ebaum's Worlds Twitch - starting this Wednesday at 2 pm.

Gene Park of the Washington Post explains how this came to be

You can watch their very own bracket be revealed in a semi-professional Selection Sunday studio show:

Fans of certain college basketball teams should refer to this article and follow @CoronaMadness on Twitter to see when their team takes the court. The Twitter account will also be sharing live highlights and scores to keep fans informed of the tournament's progress.

The complete bracket can be found here: 

Each team will be user-controlled by either Jackson, Josh, Louis, Ryan or a special guest. Teams will be assigned on a "who wants to play" basis.

Round of 64A Day 1 - Wednesday, March 18th. 2:00 pm EST Tip-off

First-round games will be played using 6-minute halves and will begin right after the conclusion of the previous game. Streams are estimated to last continuously until around 9 pm.


(1) Kansas vs (16) NC Central 2:00pm

(8) Providence vs (9) Arizona St. 2:15pm

(5) Virginia vs (12) Yale 2:30pm

(4) Louisville vs (13) Vermont 2:45pm

(6) Illinois vs (11) East Tennessee St. 3:00pm

(3) Villanova vs (14) Bradley 3:15pm

(7) Penn St. vs (10) Utah St. 3:30pm

(2) Florida St. vs (15) UC Irvine 3:45pm

DINNER BREAK 4:00-5:00pm


(1) Gonzaga vs (16) Boston U. 5:00pm

(8) St. Mary's vs (9) LSU 5:15pm

(5) Wisconsin vs (12) Georgia 5:30pm

(4) Seton Hall vs (13) Eastern Washington 5:45pm

(6) West Virginia vs (11) Texas 6:00pm

(3) Creighton vs (14) Hofstra 6:15pm

(7) Michigan vs (10) UCLA 6:30pm

(2) Kentucky vs (15) Winthrop 6:45pm

Recap Show 8:00pm

Round of 64B Day 2 - Thursday, March 19th. 2:00 pm EST Tip-off


(1) Baylor vs (16) Robert Morris 2:00pm

(8) Colorado vs (9) Texas Tech 2:15pm

(5) BYU vs (12) Liberty 2:30pm

(4) Auburn vs (13) New Mexico St. 2:45pm

(6) Iowa vs (11) Wichita St. 3:00pm

(3) Michigan St vs (14) North Texas 3:15pm

(7) Houston vs (10) NC State 3:30pm

(2) Duke. vs (15) Arkansas Little Rock 3:45pm

DINNER BREAK 4:00-5:00pm



(1) Dayton vs (16) Prairie View 5:00pm

(8) Rutgers vs (9) Marquette 5:15pm

(5) Butler vs (12) SF Austin 5:30pm

(4) Maryland vs (13) Akron 5:45pm

(6) Ohio St. vs (11) Indiana 6:00pm

(3) Oregon vs (14) Belmont 6:15pm

(7) Arizona vs (10) Florida 6:30pm

(2) San Diego St. vs (15) North Dakota St. 6:45pm

Recap Show 8:00pm

Round of 32 Day 3 - Friday, March 20th. 2:00 pm EST Tip-off

Round of 32 games will be played using 7-minute halves and will begin right after the conclusion of the previous game.

(1) Kansas vs (9) Providence 2:00pm

(4) Louisville vs (5) Virginia 2:20pm

(11) ETSU vs (14) Bradley 2:40pm

(2) Florida St. vs (7) Penn St. 3:00pm

(1) Gonzaga vs (9) LSU 3:20pm

(4) Seton Hall vs (12) Georgia 3:40pm

(3) Creighton vs (6) West Virginia 4:00pm

(2) Kentucky vs (7) Michigan 4:20pm (Nice)

DINNER BREAK 4:45pm-6pm

(1) Baylor vs (9) Texas Tech 6:00pm

(5) BYU vs (13) New Mexico St. 6:20pm

(3) Mich St. vs (11) Wichita St. 6:40pm

(2) Duke vs (7) Houston 7:00pm

(1) Dayton vs (9) Marquette 7:20pm

(4) Maryland vs (5) Butler 7:40pm

(3) Oregon vs (11) Indiana 8:00pm

(2) San Diego St. vs (7) Arizona 8:20pm

Sweet Sixteen Day 4 - Saturday, March 21st. 2:00 pm EST Tip-off

Sweet Sixteen games will be played using 10-minute halves and will begin right after the conclusion of the previous game.

Game #1 2:00pm

Game #2 2:25pm

Game #3 2:50pm

Game #4 3:15pm

Game #5 3:40pm

Game #6 4:05pm

Game #7 4:30pm

Game #8 4:55pm

Recap show 7:00pm

Elite 8 Day 5 - Sunday, March 22nd. 2:00 pm EST Tip-off

Elite 8 games will be played using 15-minute halves and will begin right after the conclusion of the previous game.

Game #1 2:00pm

Game #2 2:40pm

Game #3 3:20pm

Game #4 4:00pm

Recap show 6:00pm

Final 4 AND NCAA Championship Day 6 - Monday, March 23nd. 2:00 pm EST Tip-off

Final 4 AND Championship games will be played using 20-minute halves and will begin right after the conclusion of the previous game.

Final 4 Game #1 2:00pm

Recap show 3:00pm

Final 4 Game #2 3:15

Recap show #2 4:20 (Nice)

NCAA Men's Championship Game 5:00pm

Sign-off show 6:00pm

All streams can be found on twitch.tv/ebaumsworld

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