Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and just about every other social media platform are inundated with “would you rather” content pages. The majority of them only exist to farm views, often posing questions with obvious answers to boost engagement like “If someone offered you $1 million to stay awake for 24 hours straight, would you do it?” or “If someone offered you $1000 to delete the Twitter app for a week, would you do it?

But two days ago, the Twitter account @MrBlackOG posted the hardest one yet. “You get $20 Billion if you're locked here for 1 year,” he asked. “Can you do it?”

Is the risk of permanent psychological damage worth never needing to think about money ever again? Opinions were split.

“When are we starting the countdown?” @mapengo_ asked, feeling ready to take on the challenge. Not everyone felt as he did.

“You won't last a week in there,” @samwellsg commented, “don't try it.”

For many people, this question comes down to the value of money. Substantial research suggests that even a few days without stimulation can result in severe anxiety and hallucinations. The silence of this hypothetical white room could be as dangerous as its solitude.

Could anybody last a year with their sanity intact? The research suggests it would be doubtful. But for $20 billion, would you give it a try?