There are still too many unknowns about the long-term effects of coronavirus, but some doctors are suggesting that erectile dysfunction be added to the list of side-effects, even for those who experienced mild covid symptoms. 

That's probably not the news you'd like to hear. Until now the long list of possible side effects included trivial (sarcasm) things like lung scarring, brain fog, and fatigue. And it soon might include a broken willy, which honestly, feels like some small win for many of us. 

Is this it? Is this moment we've been waiting for? Have we been hit with the herd thinning dong buster we were promised? 

We don't mean to make light of COVID, but the irony would last long and pay high yields for decades. If it does prove to be true, denying the better advice of health professionals because covid is, 'just the flu', might be the reason your family name goes kaput.