Being a pedestrian can be terrifying in the best of times. You’re constantly aware that it’s just you versus everyone in a two-ton metal death machine; not to mention, the cyclists who seem determined to knock you over so they can win a prize.

But nowhere in the world is it more terrifying to be a pedestrian than Bradford, West Yorkshire, home to what has been dubbed Britain’s most dangerous crosswalk on Horton Grange Road.

A compilation of videos posted to Twitter shows countless examples of drivers speeding through the crossing with no regard for the pedestrians currently using it — from the elderly to cyclists to young children, nobody is safe. In one video, a Royal Mail van can be seen speeding through the crossing without stopping, almost hitting a mother and child. Postman Pat would never.

Fortunately for residents of Bradford, the crossing is set to receive an upgrade; it will be turned into a signaled pelican crossing. Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw said of the decision, “This zebra crossing has recently been the scene of several incidents where drivers have failed to stop for those crossing the road and new crossing with traffic lights should make it safer. We have prioritized this scheme for progression and the funding has been identified. Now that the necessary statutory process has been undertaken and a suitable contractor has been secured, work can commence.”

British TV personality Jeremy Vine previously sparked a conversation about road rules after sharing footage from the crossing in which a car collides with a cyclist. Many argued that the cyclist should have dismounted to cross the road, in accordance with the Highway Code.

But considering how dangerous the crossing is for pedestrians, it’s not clear that the cyclist would have been any safer walking their bike across the road than riding it.