Dune Bible purchased by Crypto group Spice DOA

It's not that often in modern life that we have many "firsts", as most things imaginable have either been tried or done, but the Spice DOA might have just given us a new first. The crypto group spent €2.66M on a rare copy of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune story bible, assuming it would give them the rights to the bible's contents, yet sadly, that's not how things work. 

The DOA became the butt of many Twitter jokes after they tweeted the above proclamation. The focus of the group as they claim is to "make the book public" and "produce an original animated limited series inspired by the book and sell it to streaming services", are two very specific plans. One of which is easily doable, and the other, well not so much. 

The only problem with the FOOL-proof plan is that the book has actually been online since 2011, and the original asking price of €25,000-€35,000 shows not only did these clowns make a terrible purchase, but they paid almost 100x the asking price. INSANE!

We know it's a hot topic for some people, but the NFT/Crypto bros are not doing themselves any favors by constantly taking so many L's. But we thank them for their services because this one is going in the hall-of-posts. No question about that.