“Molon Labe” is an ancient Spartan saying that roughly translates to “come and take them.” The phrase has been a favorite of enthusiastic gun owners for years, and many have it plastered on their homes, clothes, and cars. 

But now, firearms are being stolen at record rates, specifically from vehicles adorned with the defiant Greek expression, and gun owners are furious. It would seem that they never actually expected anyone to take them up on their offer.

A March 25, a New York Times article titled “The Largest Source of Stolen Guns? Parked Cars,” documented this increase in vehicular firearm theft.

“A decade ago, less than a quarter of all gun thefts were from cars; in 2020, over half of them were,” the article says. That theft “is occasionally made easier by motorists who advertise their right to bear arms with car window stickers.”

@theferocity shared an excerpt from the article on Twitter, and people were quick to agree with the severity of the issue.

“Our local police union regularly tell people not to put gun-shaped stickers on car windows,” @miyashay commented. “Car thefts are a huge issue with guns on the streets.”

But while everyone acknowledged the problem, very few commenters felt bad for the gun owners. Many even thought that they should be held accountable for the harm their negligence could cause the community.

“Right-to-carry people think they are the only defense to illegal guns on the street,” @BeatAces commented. “But turns out they are great at providing just that.”