A man concealing a knife inside of a fake gun, rushed the stage as Dave Chapelle was performing at the Hollywood Bowl. Chapelle was in the middle of his set, which was part of the Netflix is a Joke Festival. A fan rushes the stage and as the video shows, the dude gets a running start to tackle the comedian to the ground.

Security - which we're now learning included actor Jamie Foxx - took the man down quickly. And absolutely messed him up. In the video footage, we can see them basically stomping the dude out backstage.

I'd say this guy has some instant regrets. Namely being turned into a human pretzel by Dave Chapelle's security team.

Clearly fans are discouraged from using phones during the show. Most venues prohibit video footage of any kind. But as soon as Chapelle gets tackled, it's clear all bets are off.

The comedian was unharmed, and continued his set joking that the man who rushed the stage was 'trans.'  A friendly face was also there to joke with Chapelle after the incident.

@rebhorn that guy just speared Dave Chappelle on stage…WTF ❗️#davechappelle #chrisrock #netflixisajoke #davechapelleshow #hollywoodbowl #comedy #willsmithslap ♬ original sound - rebhorn

We'll have more details as they arise, and I'm sure the memes will be top notch.