'Day in the life videos' are a staple of the internet. I have been able to take an edited peak into the lives of fashion models, reality show contestants, millionaires, and now, a 28-year-old white guy working a 9-5 with benefits.

Recently, one video from the TikTok user @hubs.life was posted on Twitter where discourse erupted over whether or not this man’s life was depressing.

The video shows @hubs.life going to work, having lunch at home, leaving work at 4:30, going to the gym, playing with his dog, having dinner, and chilling. He lives like a regular guy (with a shitty beer pour).

The initial response to the video both on TikTok and Twitter was exclaiming how sad and boring his life seems. But overwhelmingly on Twitter people have backed this guy up. Namely, adults.

“Has a house at 28, lives close enough to the office to go home for lunch, has enough time for gym and haircuts during a work day. He’s winning” quote tweeted @Cairo_Mathebula

Adults recognize that this guy is living the life. He may not be taking trips to Ibiza but he has a work-life balance that brings a tear to my exhausted 23-year-old eyes.

“Social media has ruined people’s perspective of reality, this is a completely normal life” tweeted another user.

The hustle and grind set mentality is so pervasive on the internet. These entrepreneurial influencers love to preach insane working hours and multiple streams of income. @hub.life is doing the opposite by showing how there is value in a quiet 9-5 life. That’s right, he's a normie content creator.

@hubs.life #normalizethenorm ♬ original sound - adam

His page is dedicated to “normalizing the normal,” but what most people failed to realize was that his viral video was actually an ad sponsored by Daiya Foods.

Reject modernity. Embrace mundanity.