A group of robbers decided to take a painstaking — and laundromat-friendly — new approach to massive money heists, nabbing $234,500 from a truck on its way from the Philadelphia Mint, snatching the entire sum in roughly two million dimes.

Federal authorities recently revealed more details surrounding the April robbery, which happened shortly after the truck driver, who was heading to Miami with a massive load of dimes, stopped to get some rest in a Northeast Philadelphia parking lot.

Though the robbers only walked away with less than half of the 6-ton shipment, leaving piles of dimes strewn across the parking lot, they were quickly caught, landing under arrest after laundering approximately $5,200 of the six-figure sum at local coin machines.

Rakiem Savage, Ronald Byrd, Haneef Palmer, and  Malik Palmer are now all facing charges stemming from the incident, including conspiracy, robbery, and theft of government money.

Remember, kids — money laundering is only (allegedly) okay when you’re the President of the United States