Recently a man told this story on Reddit, and it was such a beautiful journey that we had to share. In order to spice things up in the bedroom, our champion and his partner decided to introduce coconut oil. As he outlines, the pros easily outweigh the cons. It's a great lubricant, it's long-lasting, and it tastes delicious.

Perfect, right?

However, our dude wasn't just using it for the same old boring positions that you might assume.

If you couldn't tell from the t-shirt above, our guy lived by one motto and one motto only. Live fast, eat a**. The coconut oil eventually turned into a 'go-to' accoutrement while he was munching on those no-no parts.

Fast forward to dinner at a Thai restaurant (obviously in public.) The couple decide to share some coconut curry. I don't want to butcher this line from the story so I'll let him tell it.

Instant Boner. The curry tastes just like I’m going to town on her booty. Coconut oil heaven.

"The curry tastes just like I'm going to TOWN ON HER BOOTY." That's pure poetry.

So to recap our hero has tricked his brain (and his private) into getting sexually aroused at the mere taste of anything coconut. That's like a superpower. 

Now this story had me reminiscing all the way back to 2005. There were rumors that this girl in our high school used Apricot Scrub as lubricant. As painful and as ridiculous as that sounds, I'm now super curious if she pavlov'd herself into getting aroused by apricots?

I guess we'll never know.

What a world we live in.