Jack Turban MD is a youth mental health expert, and “an assistant professor of child & adolescent psychiatry at The University of California San Francisco.” But he is also a horrible plant dad, at least according to one anonymous Idaho plant owner.

After appearing on PBS News Weekend to talk about the effect of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric on youth mental health, Jack received a direct message about something just a bit off topic; his plant’s brown leaves.

According to the plant lover and Twitter user @LeaNights however, Jack’s ‘Dracaena Fragrans’ was likely suffering from overwatering, and not prolonged direct sunlight. “Also if you were on TV and I saw your plant needed a better place to sit, you'd 1000% receive this text from me,” she said.

But many less knowledgeable viewers were just surprised that he had received the text at all.

“Oh my God, who is this person I love them,” @Bonecondor commented.

“God I need to go on TV, I have no idea what's wrong with my plants,” @behindyourback joked.

Whether Jack’s plant is suffering from too much water or too much sunlight – both risks for a Dracaena Fragrans – it’s nice to know that plant owners are looking out for each other. Plus, the anonymous helper enjoyed his interview on an important subject.

Now the only question that remains is… did he move the plant?