eBaum's World is looking to hire some more freelance writers and content creators! Do you love to write and create content? Well, why not join our freelance program and start getting featured on eBaum's World and getting paid for it! No limits on contributions!
Select from pre-approved ideas or pitch your own!

Position requirements / details:

Creating original content from approved pitch ideas or from pre-approved topics. These will mostly be listicles / articles but we are also open to animation, video content, etc.

Must be able to self-manage and meet project deadlines.
Content should be on-brand and abide by editorial guidelines.
Content will be reviewed by an EBW editor and you may be asked to revise / edit the piece.

EBW editors will handle the scheduling of the content and sharing on EBW social media platforms. You are more than welcome to share on your own social media accounts if you choose.

A list of pre-approved topics as well as topics you wish to pitch will be available in the Contractors Slack.

Payment Structure / information:

Payments are per featured piece. The topics are pre-approved and pitch ideas must be approved. 

Animation / video / long form content rates will be discussed on a per-item basis.

Payments are sent out at the end of each month.
We will keep track of your published pieces but recommend you also keep track.

Editorial Process & Guidelines:

Adhere to all content guidelines set forth by Literally Media / eBaum’s World.

No Hate Speech / Racism / ‘Phobic’ language, themes, or imagery.
No Graphic / Gore / Nudity in images.
No Violence against women or children.
No Sexualizing of Children’s characters / shows / movies / etc.
No Punching Down in themes, titles, body, or images.
No Politics - we aim to be an escape from the world, not fan the flames.

Keep the audience and brand voice in mind when creating content.  It is okay to put your own spin on / point of view into the piece but we never want to be preachy or condescending.

Adult themes may be used in certain instances but it is a case-by-case situation.

No unauthorized advertisements such as product placements, information sales, courses, etc.

If you're interested please use this form to submit your information!

We look forward to hearing from you!