Twitter Chief, Elon Musk, reinstated Trump’s account last week following a poll he ran - on Twitter - asking if the President should be reinstated, and since doing so, Trump has yet to return to the platform. It’s Musk’s latest move in his efforts to transform the website from a pile of shitposts to simply, a pile of shit. The real kicker is, despite Trump’s past as a prolific Twitter troll, he’s not going back to the platform.  

Trump has previously said that, no matter what, he’s not going back to Twitter full-time. He’s using the opportunity to say that his own platform, Truth Social, is a better, more popular version. It’s also worth remembering, Trump hasn’t been quiet about how pathetic he thinks Elon Musk is. 

In a scorched earth “Truth” post, Trump recalled Elon visiting him once and asking for money. Trump insulted his endeavors of “electric cars that don’t drive long enough, or rocket ships to nowhere”, then claimed that Elon would “drop to his knees and beg” if he had asked him to. Damn, Don. That’s brutal. 

Musk announced the reinstatement of Trump, and captioned the tweet with “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”, meaning “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. This is seeming to make Musk seem like a champion of the people, despite being the real-world equivalent of a younger South African Mr. Burns. 

Musk asking Trump to come back does give off some pathetic simp energy, and it’s hilarious that Trump isn’t into it. Regardless of how you feel about both Musk and Trump, you have to admit, it’s fun watching two billionaire man-children treat the internet like a thirsty middle-school dance.