Though working in a bakery may seem like a piece of cake — no pun intended — it's not all sprinkles and frosting, just ask Cassie, a cake decorator who had to tell an angry customer it was not possible to make a cake for over 100 people with only a few hours' notice.

Cassie headed to TikTok this week with a harrowing glimpse at what it’s really like to run a small business, sharing a snippet of a tense phone call between her and a patron demanding that she make a cake large enough to feed 120 guests by the next day.

@thugmomog I blacked out. As a business owner, do all you can to not let them get you emotional. However, I do match the vibe and being a entrepreneur doesn’t make any of us a door mat. ❤️ i’m not perfect but ☠️ #entitled #karen #businessowner #fypシ #cringe #fypage ♬ Spongebob Closing Theme Song Music - Ocean Floor Orchestra

Despite calmly explaining that she couldn’t fulfill such a huge order with little notice — “It’s past 9 o’clock at night, I cannot help you!” said a visibly exasperated Cassie — the patron refused to take no for an answer, demanding that the baker concede to her demands.

“You realize I am the one with the money, right?” she spat into the phone. “I am the one that’s hiring you!”

Although Cassie continued down on the high road, repeatedly telling the party on the other line that she wasn’t able to take on the last-minute project, she finally reached her breaking point after the customer amped up her foul language.

“B—h Walmart could pull this off!” the shopper screamed into the line, a string of words that — rightfully — pushed the baker over the edge.

“You know what, the only b—h is you!” she fired back. “You’ve sat here and basically made fun of the fact that everybody else on the planet doesn’t have any f—king money but you! I don’t know who the f—k you think you are, but I’m the wrong motherf—ker!”

She then concluded her conversation with a simple request — lose her godd—n number.  “It’s past 9’o o'clock at night, I’ve got s—t to do, and it’s not to make a cake for you!” Cassie concluded.

While the customer was audibly aghast at this well-warranted tirade, TikTok loved every second of it, anointing her a customer service champion.

“That scratched an itch for me, I have always wanted to talk to r—de customers that way,” wrote @ErinAriele, while @Dez credited her reasonable rampage with having “healed [their] customer service soul.”

So take it from this entitled customer — you catch more cakes with kindness than you do by calling your baker a b—h.