asteroid face mask 1998 OR2

On Wednesday, April 29th at 5:59am ET, an asteroid five times as big as the world's largest sports stadium (not 100% on that math, but the rock is big nonetheless) will pass close enough by Earth to consider it "potentially hazardous."

There's no chance of it hitting us, which is great, and people have celebrated that fact by pointing out that a photo of the asteroid, named 1998 OR2, looks like it's wearing a face mask.

photo of asteroid 1998 or2

But does it really look like it's wearing a face mask?

No. It looks like a boob.

And not only that, it doesn't look like it's wearing a face mask. The more you study it, you see that it looks exactly like a boob and only like a boob.

To illustrate the point, here's how the asteroid would look if it was sitting beside itself. C'mon, you're gonna sit there and tell me this doesn't look like a galactic pair of you know whats?

asteroid boobs 1998 or2

News outlets may be content to report the same simple-minded observation, but the truth had to be spoken about this asteroid.

This isn't the first time outer space has proved to be more picturesque than expected, and it won't be the last.