It's not often that we are blessed with a meme whose origins are not American. When I saw this Indonesian meme being posted on global meme pages, I was immediately entranced.

The meme originates from this fake Indonesian ISP commercial made by someone in Indonesia earlier this year. 

The song that is heard is called, "Goyang Ubur Ubur" by Hendro Engkeng which became popular in Indonesian TikTok culture in early 2019. 

Let me show you the first example of this meme with a short Indonesian YouTube compilation that brought the meme world-wide attention. 

That is the video that launched this meme's popularity in the US and worldwide. Now, it's time for the memes that were made once it went viral.

You can see how well a bait and switch meme works with this one as a great example. You think one thing is going to happen in a video, and then BAM! An IndiHome song blasts through your speakers. Just like Rick Roll!

Here the meme is in a popular American meme format.