Have you ever visited the 9/11 memorial in New York City, gazed into the deep, somber depths of the black pools marking the Twin Towers' original locations and thought quietly to yourself “wow, I wish this memorial had more giant dicks?”

Well, nearly 22 years since the tragedy that claimed 2,977 victims' lives, it seems you’re in luck. Enter Reddit’s latest obsession — the very, very phallic memorial *erected* outside of the New Bern Firemen's Museum in New Bern, North Carolina.

First unveiled in early April 2022, the memorial is like a horny fireman’s calendar gone very, very wrong.

Consisting of two miniature twin towers and a rocky oblong mound displaying a pair of boots and topped with a firemen’s hat, the work’s centerpiece offered quite the optical illusion, appearing to honor men of the sea rather than men of fire, a sentiment the ever-horny patrons of Twitter and Reddit noted amid its viral resurgence this week.

Beyond all the quandaries broached from the work — namely  “What is the hat penis supposed to be?” Redditor u/ChangsWife commented on the image’s viral r/funny appearance — and the barrage of comments wondering who, exactly, approved this monstrosity, it seems some good came of the sculpture …  well beyond attempting to honor the 9/11 victims who had suffered enough.

Evidently inspired by the popular sculpture, Redditor u/slimstarman proposed a new way of commemorating the national tragedy that would bring a tear of pride to Harambe’s eye — “Dicks out for 9/11.”


Rule 34: Not even 9/11 can evade it.