Twitch streamer Greekgodx decided to take eye tracking technology out for a spin during one of his latest livestreams. With a browser filled with videos to watch, he proceeded to demonstrate how hard it is not to look at "special areas".

The best parts of the video (seen above) are when he reacts to realizing that thousands of people are able to catch him taking a peek at "lady parts". He's mildly embarrassed about the whole thing, to a point where he starts making excuses. Jump to 16:30 for good times.

Would you fare any better?

The eye tracker he used was the Tobii Eye X 4C, which can effectively turn your eyes into a mouse when using the desktop or playing video games. Although right now it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to use beyond experimentation, its technology will be big for virtual reality in the future, as explained by Oculus VR during a presentation last month.

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