The Flash - Arrested

Ezra Miller, known for playing The Flash in the DC franchise among other popular roles, has once again been arrested in Hawaii. The actor, who was arrested a few weeks ago for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar, has stepped it up a notch this week by throwing a chair, and hitting a woman in the head. It would seem that as quickly as The Flash can get from one place to another, Ezra Miller’s career has found itself right in the gutter.

Ezra Miller - mugshot

Police were called to a private gathering just after one in the morning, where Miller had reportedly become disruptive after being asked to leave the get together. The incident culminated in the thrown chair striking a woman in the head. She would later refuse medical treatment. Miller was arrested about a half hour later after a traffic stop, where they were held until 4 a.m. and then released. The incident is apparently under further investigation.

Ezra Miller - Photo

The arrest is nothing new in a series of events that have brought the DC star into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. On top of the two recent arrests, Miller was caught on video in 2020 appearing to choke, and throw a woman to the ground by her neck. After the arrest last week, Warner Brothers and DC executives decided to pause all projects containing Miller. I think it’s safe to say that those projects will likely now be halted indefinitely.

Ezra Miller - Choke

It’s amazing how quickly a career can come crashing down, but even The Flash would be proud of the speed of this one. We hope that Miller can get the help they obviously need, and perhaps resurrect a career, but things are not looking up right now. All we know is that Miller’s last few weeks are in desperate need of a Snyder’s cut.